Group Psychotherapy Offerings

e.g. Thursdays 6:00pm-7:00pm

All groups take place at Wholeview Wellness, 369 Lexington Avenue, Suite 14A (at 41st St.) We welcome participants who receive individual treatment with other providers. If you have any questions about any of our groups or would like to refer a patient who might benefit from additional support, please call us at 212-204-8430. All treatment is eligible for reimbursement through out-of-network benefits.

Initial Group Assessment: $300
Group Fee: $125 per session

Mixed Emotions Group


Every Monday join with Dr. Jennifer Smith and other folks in recovery to talk about the role of emotion in recovery. Whether you’re feeling sad or happy, emotions and feelings can be triggers to use. Sometimes you may have mixed emotions about sobriety in general. Together we will learn how to identify emotions, how to separate our sense of self from our thoughts and feelings, and how to manage sobriety in the face of these mixed emotions.

DBT Skills Group

e.g. Thursdays 6:00pm-7:00pm

This group aims to provide skills and strategies to help you manage difficult emotions, enhance your interpersonal relationships and to maintain balance in your life. We will review the four main DBT skills modules which include Mindfulness Skills, Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills, Emotion Regulation Skills, and Distress Tolerance Skills. Practice exercises will be assigned each week to assist in skill acquisition. After we have reviewed and practiced the four core skills, we will work to integrate them and to make them a regular part of your daily routine.

Women’s Mindfulness Support Network

Wednesdays 11:00am-12:30pm

This eight-week mindfulness-based psychotherapy group is designed for women who are interested in exploring their relationship with alcohol. Dr. Jennifer Smith leads this group in their discussions examining the positive and negative consequences of alcohol use in their lives and integrates mindfulness meditation practices into an exploration of motivation to change and traditional relapse prevention. Each week incorporates a variety of techniques utilizing mindfulness-based addiction treatment including ‘awareness of breath’, progressive muscle relaxation, and ‘body scan’. Goals for the group members are individualized and may include a reduction in stress and increased ability to respond to negative thoughts, sensations, and emotions with an attitude of nonjudgmental, acceptance, and present-moment awareness. Participants will be asked to share their struggles and solution suggestions with one another as much as they are comfortable to do so. Homework assignments will be given each week as increased practice of mindfulness is associated with improved outcome.

CBT Relapse Prevention Group

Mondays 12:30pm-2:00pm

Dr. Amy J. Colley leads this skill building group for individuals who are recently abstinent and are seeking support in early recovery. The group meets for 90 minutes and runs for 12 weeks. The goal of the group is to enhance self-control and raise awareness of problematic thoughts and behaviors and replace them with new more effective thoughts, skills and strategies for maintaining abstinence. Based on a cognitive behavioral model established at Yale University School of Medicine, we focus on topics such as exploring positive and negative consequences of continued use, self-monitoring to recognize craving early on, identifying internal and external triggers, coping with cravings, practicing refusal skills, articulating goals and addressing ambivalence. Members will have homework to support skills learned in the group meetings. Dr. Colley welcomes collaboration with group members’ individual therapists.

Psychodynamic Therapy Group for Substance Use Issues

Tuesdays 6:00pm-7:00pm

Dr. Bill Gottdiener leads this psychodynamic therapy group that meets for 60 minutes and runs for 24 weeks. Group members are supported in discussing their personal experiences and are taught expressive techniques to assist in identifying and working through interpersonal relationship issues. Group members are encouraged to examine how alcohol and drugs are used in relation to their emotions and behaviors and learn methods of problem solving that avoid the use of alcohol and drugs. The safe-space of the group enables group members to address and resolve difficult feelings and problematic relationship patterns that may arise in the group. As members are better able to understand and express their internal experiences and emotions, they are less inclined to use drugs and alcohol in problematic ways.

Attorneys in Recovery

Thursdays 6:00pm-7:00pm

Dr. Sarah Church has created a 60-minute group designed for attorneys in recovery. Legal professionals experience significantly higher rates of substance use and mental health disorders when compared to employees in other occupations, due to the nature of the legal profession which includes heavy workloads and intense competition. Additionally, many attorneys experience frequent antagonistic interactions with other attorneys which is compounded by pressure to satisfy demanding clients while simultaneously striving to log billable hours and create new business. Attorneys encounter unique challenges in the recovery process as they attempt to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Often, they have minimal control over their assignments and schedules and may be expected to be available for round the clock responses, which leaves little time for rest and relaxation. All of this takes place in a culture which may normalize the consumption of alcohol as part of the work environment. This treatment group provides support and will offer skills and strategies for preventing relapse and coping with stress, negative moods and achieving a healthy sustainable lifestyle.